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Really Good Sausages & Burgers - From Thailand to the UK

It started with a sausage

13 years ago, Paul was living in Thailand, passing his time as a scuba diving instructor whilst authoring and photographing guidebooks on the sport in the various locations around the country. On more than one occasion, he had a particularly bad sausage experience and came to the realisation that no one was consistently making high quality, premium sausages in the area of Thailand where his family lived.

Wanting to get their sausage fix, he thought he would have a go at making some himself and after a few batches the idea to start a sausage manufacturing business was born and once that was launched, a burger business naturally followed.

Refining the seasoning

After 6 months of personal experimentation, Paul reached out to one of the major seasoning manufacturers, not to refine his blends, but to consistently produce them on a large scale. By requesting tweaks in his various mixes, and running tests for 3 more months Paul ended up with his what he was happy to take to the chefs in the local resorts and restaurants. The business plan was simple, take in samples, let the chefs and management teams taste and experience the quality, then get them to start ordering from him. Focusing on a few key pork sausages: Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Sage and Onion, Honey roast… Paul found success.

Meeting a master in the art of sausage making

At one sample tasting in an international steak restaurant, Paul was greeted with a larger than normal table of food tasters. The reason was soon to be made clear.

After his wares had been sampled he was astonished to hear that the guest to his right could not only name every ingredient in each of the various sample sausages but could list the order in which they were put in, including what the temperature of the water was, a crucial and necessary factor in sausage production. Upon a bit more discussion, Paul found out this person had trained as a chef under the legendry Roux Brothers and after qualifying used his skills to run an incredibly successful string of sausage and burger restaurants across Germany, their mutual passion for sausage making led to a long conversation around the finer points of sausage & burger production and a long friendship, improving Pauls skills even further and jump starting his burger project.

Bringing the business to the UK

After selling the Thai business in 2019, Paul moved back to the UK with the aim of continuing production but under a slightly different business model, focusing on Farmer's markets and catering premium events. Due to the pandemic, the events have unfortunately been restricted and the markets less frequent. However 2020 has given Paul an opportunity to once again work on introducing new blends, bringing him into contact with Local Market MK’s favourite seasoning supplier, Brigit from Reasons to Seasons, The two are now working together with the aim of making Paul’s sausage and burger ranges gluten free and even tastier than ever!

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