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Concrete Cow - Local Beer For Local People

I thought a fitting candidate for my first supplier story, would be the first supplier I met when starting Local Market MK. On a sunny Monday lunchtime, I walked over to Bradwell Abbey near central MK, to visit Dan Bonner who runs the Concrete Cow Brewery.

How he started

After getting hooked on the art of brewing after receiving a home brewing kit for Christmas, Dan started the Concrete Cow Brewery In early 2007. With a passion for real ales, Dan wanted to create local beers for local people, inspired not only the brewery name (who doesn’t love MK’s signature cows), but also the names of the beers.

 Local beer for local people

The name for his first ever brew – the Cock ‘N’ Bull Story, originates from stage coach travellers discussing rumours and sharing gossip 200 years ago at Stony Stratford's two leading coaching inns The Cock and The Bull.

His Old Bloomer is named after Wolverton’s favourite Victorian train and his Stables Gold was brewed specifically for his local theatre, to help the crowds relax and enjoy the show at The Stables.

You can’t be a brewer who won’t drink their own beer!

When it came to challenges Dan was faced with an illness a few years ago and he was later diagnosed as celiac (a gluten intolerance). Unfortunately almost all traditional beer contains gluten and Dan wouldn't stand for being a brewer who wouldn’t drink their own beer! So, he created Quantum Blonde, a gluten free ale that is now his drink of choice.

What are you most proud of?

Dan is most proud the fact that the beer is produced in the traditional, unfiltered, real ale method, start to finish. The fermentation is done in the bottle with yeast making the carbonisation an all-natural process, resulting in sediment in the beer (full of vitamin B12, healthy!). All aspects of the brewing are done in the brewery so Concrete Cow is one for people who are looking to reduce their beer miles!

Take a look at the Concrete Cow range here !

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